Commonly referred to as a Dip Probe or Transmission Probe and used for liquids spectroscopy. These assemblies contain two fibers using a lens to collimate the light from one fiber through an open section, through which a liquid can pass. The light is then reflected off of the mirror and passes through the liquid and lens a second time, where it is refocused onto the second fiber for transmission to the analyzing instrument, typically a spectrometer. The optical pathlength in this design is double the physical opening of the replaceable tip. Other designs can be manufactured for specific applications including dissolution and harsh environments.

Shown below are two standard designs for Furcation Tubing and for Monocoil

All other options, materials and design request changes will be discussed prior to quotation

Fiber Size 1.5 Meter Price Price / Meter Part Number
200um $540.00 $15.00 PD200UM-1.5M
300um $565.00 $28.00 PD300UM-1.5M
400um $585.00 $40.00 PD400UM-1.5M
600um $635.00 $65.00 PD600UM-1.5M
Low Solarization Fiber
300um $600.00 $50.00 PD300LM-1.5M
600um $715.00 $110.00 PD600LM-1.5M

For NIR grade 0.22 NA fiber, substitute the “U” with an “N” for the probe and tip part numbers.
For 5.1mm SS, substitute the “M” with and “S”.

Threaded Probe Tips

Pathlength (mm) Tip Length (mm) Price Part Number
1 11.5 $185.00 PD-U01
2 12.0 PD-U02
5 13.5 PD-U05
10 16.0 PD-U10
20 21.0 PD-U20
Tip and probe overlap for 6.35mm when screwed together

Standard Specifications:

Fiber Type:
– 0.22 NA
Fiber Size:
– 200 to 600um
– UV, NIR & Low Solarization
– SMA-905’s
Cable Designs:
– Polyurethane Furcation Tubing
– PVC Monocoil
Probe Body Length:
– 127mm (5.0″)
Probe / Tip Material:
– Passivated 316L SS
Max Temperature:
– 100ºC (due to Monocoil)
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