A furcated bundle is the same as a bundle, except that one or both ends can be split into two or more terminated legs. The number of options available for fiber types, cable materials and construction as well as end terminations is unlimited. They may use some of our standard types of terminations, or can be OEM based and therefore require a specific design that can be manufactured to exacting specifications.

Bifurcated assemblies that are used to measure fluorescence, backscattering or reflection from various surfaces may contain anywhere from 2 to >100 fibers. They function by using a single or multitude of fibers as the excitation/illumination source and the remaining fibers as the collection/detection fibers. The fibers can be arraigned into a round, ring, continuous or multi-segment line or arc, or packed into 2D shapes or arrays.

V-grooves in the base material or silicon are commonly used for interfacing to multi-channel spectrometers or to Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers (DPSSL). Images for DPSSL are generally coated to minimize de-stabilizing reflection of energy from the polished fiber surfaces back to the diodes or interface hardware.

Shown below is a standard bundle and various types of configurations for the fibers.

Specific fibers can be routed from the common end termination to specific locations within the leg terminations as required.
Options for high and low temperature applications, as well as AR coatings are available upon request.

Some basic assemblies are listed below using 3.8mm green Polyurethane furcation tubing.

Bundle Type # of Fibers Fiber Size 1 Meter Price Price / Meter Part Number
Ø1/4″ x 3″ Round
(2) SMA-905’s 1 & 6 fiber
7 – 100um $250.00 $25.00 BF0001-1M
19 – 100um $295.00 $60.00 BF0002-1M
7 – 200um $260.00 $35.00 BF0003-1M
19 – 200um $320.00 $80.00 BF0004-1M
Ø1/4″ x 3″ Round
SMA-905 & Ø1/4″ x 3″ Fiber Line
7 – 100um $390.00 $25.00 BF0005-1M
19 – 100um $435.00 $60.00 BF0006-1M
7 – 200um $400.00 $35.00 BF0007-1M
19 – 200um $460.00 $80.00 BF0008-1M
Contact Us for volume pricing, or other configurations.