These basic fiber assemblies are single fiber, large core cable designs made with the standard cable options, or more robust cable designs to meet specific environmental concerns, such as high power using standard or copper ferrules.

Optical coatings to enhance the fiber’s properties for reflection or cutoff wavelengths can be added for jumpers or patchcords.

Part Number Configurator

(Prefix: Use “J”)

J-AA-B-C-D-E-F-G-xxH, where xx is the length in meters or centimeters.

Example: J04U554UG07M 400um UV, 0.22 NA S/S, SMA-905 to SMA-905 jumper in Ø3.8mm Green Polyurethane Furcation Tubing, 7 meters.

Fiber Size
Fiber Type
C & D
Jacket Type (1)
Jacket Material
01 100um P PMMA 1 10mm OD 303/4 SS x 50mm 1 900um V PVC B Blue M Meters
02 200um U 0.22 UV S/S 2 .250″ OD 303/4 SS x 2″ 2 2mm Furcation F PVDF O Orange C CM’s
03 300um L 0.22 UV S/S Low Sol 3 .250″ OD 303/4 SS x 3″ 3 3mm Furcation T TEFLON G Green
04 400um N 0.22 NIR S/S 4 SMA-905 with Round Nut 4 3.8mm Furcation U POLYURETHANE N Brown
05 500um 1 0.37 UV HCS 5 SMA-905 with Hex Nut 5 4.5mm PVC Monocoil R RISER S Slate
06 600um 2 0.37 NIR HCS 6 SMA-906 6 5.6mm PVC Monocoil P PLENUM W White
08 800um 3 0.48 UV HCS 7 SMA-905, Copper Ferrule 7 5.1mm OD SS R Red
10 1000um 4 0.48 NIR HCS K Black
15 1500um Y Yellow
20 2000um V Violet
P Rose
A Aqua

Please Contact Us for volume pricing, long length quotes or other configurations.

Hex Nuts on SMA’s, jacket changes, higher temperature and pigtail jumpers, different connectors and terminations are optional upon request.

SMA-905 to SMA-905 0.22NA jumpers

Substitute the “U” with an “N” for NIR grade. “xx” is for Meters

Fiber Core 1 Meter Price Price / Meter Part Number
100um $66.50 $6.00 J01U443VGxxM
200um $69.50 $7.00 J02U443VGxxM
300um $73.00 $11.00 J03U443VGxxM
400um $83.00 $16.00 J04U443VGxxM
500um $95.00 $22.00 J05U443UGxxM
600um $100.00 $30.00 J06U554UGxxM
800um $145.00 $70.00 J08U554UGxxM
1000um $145.00 $70.00 J10U554UGxxM

SMA-905 to SMA-905 Jumpers
Low Solarization & 0.37NA

Fiber Core 1 Meter Price Price / Meter Part Number
UV Low Solarization
200um $75.00 $12.00 J02L443VGxxM
600um $125.00 $50.00 J06L554UGxxM
UV 0.37NA
Substitute the 4th digit, “1”, with “2” for NIR
200um $70.00 $10.00 J021443VGxxM
400um $75.00 $13.00 J041443UGxxM
Contact Us for volume pricing, or other configurations.