Optical adapters are used for focusing or collimating light to/from fiber optics.
These can be made to fit ferrules or connectors such as an SMA-905 or FC.

Modified Conflat Flanges using a sealed fiber can be mounted into vacuum chambers.
They can be used with a fiber within the chamber or with a screw on collimator.

An AR coating can be applied to the optics for less reflection, but will limit the useful wavelength range.

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All standard sized conflat flanges are available and can be modified to fit multiple fiber or optical feedthroughs. Choose from rotatable, non-rotatable, threaded or non-threaded mounting holes, type of bolts/nuts, seal and flange material.
Standard is non-rotatable, non-threaded hex bolt & hex nut and 304L SS.
Shown above is the standard collimator design.
Other designs can be made for a larger diameter/collimated beam, or for imaging a fiber(s) to a specified distance and size, or for light collection from a source.
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